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Scrap Cutting

Scrap cutting with a gas process is an efficient and cost effective method for recycling of metals. Specialised scrap companies cut down constructions into small parts suitable for recycling. Some companies undertake on-site dismounting, for example of cranes, oil tanks and chimneys.

Some companies have their own specialized scrap cutting, mainly larger companies as for example Railways, Steelworks and Mining companies.

GCE offer robust and reliable cutting equipment, special developed for easy handling, high quality and high productivity suitable for the scrap cutting application

X511 torch

The X511 Original cutting torch is developed by GCE to meet industries highest demand, made for perfect cutting. It’s easy to handle, safe and robust and can be used for both cutting with acetylene and with propane.




Cutting Nozzle type HA 317

GCE offer a wide range of cutting nozzles suitable for scrap cutting. The GCE 317 series of cutting nozzles offer a fast pre heating, up to 50% faster than standard nozzles and up to 5 times longer service life.

GCE offer cutting equipment for metal cutting up to a thickness of 500 mm.

GCE equipment can cut both metal and concrete without any problem.