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The CH 70D gets a makeover!

Published on 30 March 2021 by Hana Holasová

In recent years, we have been developing our entire range of products, regulators and torches, in order to offer you even more efficient and qualitative products.

Today, it's the CH 70D's turn to adopt the new design and proudly display the new colors of our range, gold and anthracite gray.

Undisputed flagship of GCE France, the CH 70D has established itself for several decades now as the benchmark low pressure cutting torch for all types of professional work (pipe fitter, demolition, workshop, etc.).

The new CH 70D is the result of years of GCE experience and know-how for an even better result in terms of quality and comfort of use.

This new design adds many advantages to the long list already present:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Cutting capacity up to 300 mm
  • Low gas consumption (low pressure cutter)
  • Adaptability thanks to its universal gas mixing system which allows it to operate with acetylene, propane and fuel gas
  • A light and robust aluminum handle for greater comfort of use
  • New stainless steel taps for even more precise gas adjustment
  • GCE cutting nozzles (acetylene, propane and natural gas) specially designed to benefit from the optimal performance of the torch

It is also always available in different versions and with interchangeable lances (from 300 to 1500 mm in length).  Come (re) discover the complete range of CH 70D Original, only at GCE!

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