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GCE Stationary Oxygen Concentrators for India

Published on 7 May 2021 by Hana Holasová

India is experiencing unprecedented demand for Oxygen at the moment due to the terrible impact of the nationwide Covid outbreak. Oxygen concentrators from GCE Healthcare provide a viable alternative and complementary Oxygen source where oxygen cylinders are in high demand. Under a doctor’s prescription Oxygen concentrators can be ...

The CH 70D gets a makeover!

Published on 30 March 2021 by Hana Holasová

In recent years, we have been developing our entire range of products, regulators and torches, in order to offer you even more efficient and qualitative products. Today, it's the CH 70D's turn to adopt the new design and proudly display the new colors of our range, gold and anthracite gray. Undisputed flagship of GCE France, the CH 70D has ...

Nebulization made simple with MediFlow® Ultra II

Published on 15 March 2021 by Hana Holasová

Providing nebulization to patients is now quicker, easier and safer thanks to GCE Healthcare’s FlowSelector which you can easily connect to your nebulizer. The GCE Healthcare MediFlow® Ultra II, which enable provides both oxygen therapy and nebulization in one, conveniently connects to wall mounted gas terminal units. This feature ...

GCE Healthcare presents NEW medical flow-metering device – MediFlowTec™

Published on 29 January 2021 by Hana Holasová

MediFlowTec™ is typical flow selector and optionally could be fitted with Rail Clamp and hose. Plastic guard is providing attractive ergonomic shape which can be easily cleaned. MediFlowTec™ is featuring an innovative design of an integrated valve body and guard alongside creative design enhancements already utilised in ...

Seeing is believing - Central Gas Supply Systems

Published on 15 January 2021 by Hana Holasová

Central gas supply systems are vital to the provision of lifesaving healthcare in hospital environments. To help medical professionals and buyers specify the right equipment for the right healthcare setting, GCE Healthcare has developed an animation.  Showcasing how we make medical gas equipment usable, the video illustrates how our Central ...